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Pleased to meet you, I am Riccardo!


Photography has always been the main interest in my life, and it eventually became my profession.
I feel privileged because this fantastic and difficult job, which takes up most of my energy, allows me to realize my dreams, live out my wishes, and express my real nature.
Those who know me appreciate the authenticity of my simple ways, which can sometimes be a little rough and laid back, but are definitely devoid of hypocrisy. I believe I am a brave photographer, animated by a constant desire to create suggestive images in every situation. My life and my career are full of different experiences which have forged my eclectic character, and my personal style of photography which I would define as “material”. I especially love being defined as a wedding photographer.


Pleased to meet you, I am Gianni

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I am a 23 year old Italian photographer based in Tuscany.
I have always had a passion for photography, ever since I was small and now, thanks to my collaboration with Riccardo Pieri I have had the amazing opportunity to transform this passion into a job.
I like simple things and I think I am an aesthete of simplicity. This is exactly what I seek to express in my images, where I try to capture the beauty which lies in the small things and passing moments which make your day unforgettable. It will be an honour for me to have your trust and be a part of one of the most important days of your life . I will do my best to transform those strong emotions into indelible memories.

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